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To me, this musical style is equal to ParagonX9's one... perhaps this one is event better than Chaos Devotion ! I think you've done an awesome job on it. Now, How about a Video game cover, mate ? Thanks for reading this !


Jenni-Harry4eva3 responds:

Already did that my friend! Go check out stranger in the desert! :D Thanks by the way!! :D


Fookin hell !

... not too brutal, but with tasty metal riffs and melodies ! the harpsichord solo kicked ass ! Also as I could hear, the way you've used the synth choir pad was awesome. Once again, here's a killer piece made by you, that was the christmas present I was looking for !

Sonofkirk responds:

Ah, thanks a lot bro, nice to hear from you again :P. I did not used a synth pad choir it was just my guitar with some effects : ). Thanks for your review dude, you kick ass !

Give me a scream, Corey !

*click* YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARG !!! Wow ! This cover is soooo good and brutal !! The only thing that is missing is the voice ! But otherwise, it's a perfect one ! ALL YOUR BANDS CAN SUCK THEIR FUCKING NUTS !!! >:( >:( >:( >:(

Rourke69 responds:

666 Satan is my father 666 \m/ We will burn in hell coz we won't unite! UAAAAAAAAAAAAAARG!

Anyway thank you for you help on this one! ;)

Woot... Supreme, mate !

... w00t The Super Mario Bros jingle at 1:26 is priceless. I just loved it, pal. Beside, this one is cool as hell. The Church organs sound pretty well in this one. Dunno how you did them. Thanks for bringing us that shit, HEADBANGER !!


Sonofkirk responds:

I used a demo of a Software and Guitar Pro to write the notes lol. Glad you liked them ^^. And fuckin' congrats noticing the Mario Jingle ! Thanks again Val !:!!

You're fucking back, motherFUCKEEEEER !!!

... Lol woot this is da new shitz, mate ^^ ! I'm glad to hear your songs once again !! This one is pretty short but excellent ! Stay brutal, mate !! \m/


Sonofkirk responds:

Haha oue ! I'm back ! Merci pour la revue, ca fait plaisir de te voir de retour aussi ! Est-ce que tu nous prepart un fuckin' amazing new song ?

Hein ?

Ma revue a été effacée sans que je comprenne pourquoi ? Pas grave, je la réecris quand même ! Bien joué, encore une fois ! Maintenant, faudra attendre The Sleep part 3 !

Sonofkirk responds:

Oui elle a été supprimé parequ'elle etait en francaise mais, maintenant le probleme est reglé et les revue en langues étrangères sont authorisé : ). merci dude !!!

Sieg Heil ?!?

...lol ! Pretty funny song ! Sieg sieg heil...sieg sieg heil... now, I wonder how you would react if I called myself "Gorekiller Stalinovich" and if I made a tune called "DJ Staline : "Moskva Bolchaya gorod, TOVARICH !" ?
Nice tune indeed...

-Gorekiller- TOVARICH ! ( it means camrade, in russian )

Casualty responds:

Haha, thanks. But seriously, please do make that Russian tune.


... I can easily tell you this is your best work by far. The whole harmonisation is genius... and the drums sound very energetic. I think your musical programm ( FL, I guess ) is something that can produce awesome sounds. I was wondering if I could give some of my MIDI files. Then you could play them with your musical program. Email me if you notice this review, mate ! Ciao !


Chao-Guy responds:

Sure thing!! Didn't realise you had reviewed this!!
THanks for the review!!

Keep it up!!

Hey cool !

... I haven't play MK DS for ages but I knew there was the Rainbow track in this game. My only advice I can give you is to find an heavier drums kit. Thanks for reading ! And have a merry Christmas !


Chao-Guy responds:

I'll keep the drums in mind when I do my next couple of songs.
Thanks for the review!

Keep it up!!

Really nice ! A cool piece indeed !

... I Didn't hear your other orchestral pieces but this one is good, anyway. But try to make the end better. Decrease the volume at the end of the song ! That's all !


... Doh !

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