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Hey, this one is a cool one !

... I totally agree with you. M-Bot should stop deleting reviews for no reason. I remember that he deleted 24 music reviews written by me. I didn't understand why he did it, because it wasn't agressive or abusive, even though some of them were written in french ( for an old french friend, however ). The suicide part is a bit excessive, though. But I agree he can't help himself deleting reviews. I wouldn't be surprised if he deletes the review I've written for you. Good continuation, mate !

All I have to is ... "perfect" !

... I can safely say that this is the most retarded flash movie I have ever seen... in a good way, hopefully ! The 38 sketches all rival with stupidity ! It was hard to tell what was the most retarded sketch ! The abusive use of "cock jokes" may be as funny for "retarded guys" as shitty for some "smart guys" ! ( The best one was Luigi with the fire flower. And "it's" still getting longer ! The cock joke with Mario and Luigi was quite good, too ). But I'm rather retarded, so I think this movie goes to my favs ! But please, put the volume down a bit bit, between each sketch. Otherwise, it's perfect !

Positive points :
- 38 Sketches
- All stars !
- Cock jokes
- sound effects...

Negative points :
- a bit too loud...
- too many cocks


Emanhattan responds:

i bet pigeonmaster is touching himself with happiness right now because bothe clips you mentioned were his!

Wow !

... just wow ! My favorite author ( and probably one of the best on NG ) has actually used my song !! Thank you very much !! However, I wish you had used my WHOLE song :( . (Does the other part of my song suck really much ?) Well anyway, great job ! The bloopers are classic but funny as hell. Random violent acts are welcom !! You made Mario and Luigi bloopers alive once again ! The screams are always funny to hear ! Great job ! Maybe you made me famous !

Positive points :
- Mario and Luigi bloopers are back
- Hammer bros scene
- My music !

Negative points :
- you didn't use my whole song. How about doing a scene specially for the whole stuff ?

Thanks for reading and keep making flashes !! Also veery thanks for using my song !! It was cool and unexpected !!

Bigfoot3290 responds:

In my opinion, I think you have the best remix of the underworld on Newgrounds. The only reason I cut it short was because I didn't want the sound fx you put in there - they'd interfere with the skit.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, especially since I used your song. I hope your tracks get some extra hits from this movie :] Thanks for the excellent review.

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lol...Bullet Bill Bros !

... Wow. I thought Mario and Yoshi were the only caracters who could cross the Mushrom Kingdoom and beat the shit out of the Koopas and Goombas. Well I was wrong. Indeed, this Bullet guy is a kewl surprise for a main caracter. But let's talk about the game, mate !
... Well first of all, cool intro. And yes, the music is better ( even though the 1st episode's one wasn't bad. ). When I've used the mouse control for the first time, I felt the difference immediatly. Excellent control. Be carefull, though : sometimes, the controls don't respond or are a bit slower ( maybe at the end of the game ?).
... I've also apreciated the level design. Each world has 3 different levels and a castle where there is a boss ( the 6th one made me want to eat my balls but I won't tell you why here... for the surprise ;) ). Indeed, fighting the bosses was fun because they are original. The 8th world is the best one of the game, according to me, due to a new level...
... Concerning the graphics, they are cool too. But I would like to see more backgrounds from you ! Cuz the levels were so enjoyable, though !
... Of course, you didn't create the music for each level. But it sounded awesome.
... One more thing : the caracters' choice is GENIUS !! Especially for the last one ( too impressive for the enemies ! lol ). But for the other caracters, put different abilities ( maybe in the 3rd episode ? ).

... Well, as a conclusion, you've made here an excellent game that deserves respect. There are a few things to modify ( some bugs to delete ) but this piece was cool enough to make me want to play it 'till ... dunno ? Great game, Mr.Psycosis91 !

Positive points :
- the caracters !
- the bosses
- the level designs.
- better levels

Negative points :
- not enough backgrounds.
- that's all.

P.S. : Now, if you want me to make the music for the 3rd episode, you can PM me for that ( I don't know if I'm good enough for that kind of game but I wil try ! ). Also, thank you for readin that ( decent ) review and... keep making flashes like this of course !


Almost perfect !

... wow ! This is the best musical game with Guitar Heroe and Dancedance Revolution I have ever seen through the portal ! You outdid yourself, pal ! I liked all the levels, since the songs were from different artists ! The first one was funny but not the best. I especially liked the "Angry Face" pic because of the difficulty and the music, wich is very hilarious. THe two last ones were pretty hard but it was fun to hear "Zelda 2 : Donjon" again. I finnished with a score of 30000 pts. Pretty lame... But I'm surprised there weren't so many playing modes. I was especting long playing hours. Whatever... good job, here ! Also, thank you for putting my song in the secret level !

Positive points :
- the levels
- the difficulty, increasing
- the differents levels remind me SSBM, because of the diversity...

Negative points :
- Too short.

P.S. : What do you mean by saying "The secret key pic was the most tedious to do due to the BS effects" ? What are BS effects ?

...anyway thank you for makin' that game. It was fun to play it !


LilDwarf responds:

I knew you're name sounded familiar! Thanks for the awesome review! I worked really hard on this. As for the question, It's a type-o...it must say "BG"...and that was because since that pick had fancy effects had like 5 symbols within, I had to basically re-do it 10 times for each shard just so it wouldn't cause lag.


...Hey mate ! I cannot believe you actually used this !! Now all gamers of NG will hear my stupid voice !! Thank you very much for using my "Jimmy Hendrix" cover !! Hell, that was fun !! Your game is genius !! I appreciate the sound track of the game !! Especially the sound effects made with your voice !!! Funny !! I had some little problems with the controls but it doesn't matter ! You've made a swell work my friend !! I also like the interactivity of the "gameplay" !! Cool concept and cool sound track !! Great job on this stuff, man ! And feel free to use my music whenever you want !

Positive points :
- "Foxy Lady" Song !!
- the graphics
- randomn accidents !!

Negative points :
- Almost none


freeworldgroup responds:

I loved the song, and I thought it sort of worked with the game. Hey how did you know I made the sound effects with my voice? I thought I did a convincing car engine sound : - D Thanks

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To me, this musical style is equal to ParagonX9's one... perhaps this one is event better than Chaos Devotion ! I think you've done an awesome job on it. Now, How about a Video game cover, mate ? Thanks for reading this !


Jenni-Harry4eva3 responds:

Already did that my friend! Go check out stranger in the desert! :D Thanks by the way!! :D


Fookin hell !

... not too brutal, but with tasty metal riffs and melodies ! the harpsichord solo kicked ass ! Also as I could hear, the way you've used the synth choir pad was awesome. Once again, here's a killer piece made by you, that was the christmas present I was looking for !

Sonofkirk responds:

Ah, thanks a lot bro, nice to hear from you again :P. I did not used a synth pad choir it was just my guitar with some effects : ). Thanks for your review dude, you kick ass !

Give me a scream, Corey !

*click* YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARG !!! Wow ! This cover is soooo good and brutal !! The only thing that is missing is the voice ! But otherwise, it's a perfect one ! ALL YOUR BANDS CAN SUCK THEIR FUCKING NUTS !!! >:( >:( >:( >:(

Rourke69 responds:

666 Satan is my father 666 \m/ We will burn in hell coz we won't unite! UAAAAAAAAAAAAAARG!

Anyway thank you for you help on this one! ;)

... Doh !

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