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Hey, this one is a cool one !

... I totally agree with you. M-Bot should stop deleting reviews for no reason. I remember that he deleted 24 music reviews written by me. I didn't understand why he did it, because it wasn't agressive or abusive, even though some of them were written in french ( for an old french friend, however ). The suicide part is a bit excessive, though. But I agree he can't help himself deleting reviews. I wouldn't be surprised if he deletes the review I've written for you. Good continuation, mate !

All I have to is ... "perfect" !

... I can safely say that this is the most retarded flash movie I have ever seen... in a good way, hopefully ! The 38 sketches all rival with stupidity ! It was hard to tell what was the most retarded sketch ! The abusive use of "cock jokes" may be as funny for "retarded guys" as shitty for some "smart guys" ! ( The best one was Luigi with the fire flower. And "it's" still getting longer ! The cock joke with Mario and Luigi was quite good, too ). But I'm rather retarded, so I think this movie goes to my favs ! But please, put the volume down a bit bit, between each sketch. Otherwise, it's perfect !

Positive points :
- 38 Sketches
- All stars !
- Cock jokes
- sound effects...

Negative points :
- a bit too loud...
- too many cocks


Emanhattan responds:

i bet pigeonmaster is touching himself with happiness right now because bothe clips you mentioned were his!

Wow !

... just wow ! My favorite author ( and probably one of the best on NG ) has actually used my song !! Thank you very much !! However, I wish you had used my WHOLE song :( . (Does the other part of my song suck really much ?) Well anyway, great job ! The bloopers are classic but funny as hell. Random violent acts are welcom !! You made Mario and Luigi bloopers alive once again ! The screams are always funny to hear ! Great job ! Maybe you made me famous !

Positive points :
- Mario and Luigi bloopers are back
- Hammer bros scene
- My music !

Negative points :
- you didn't use my whole song. How about doing a scene specially for the whole stuff ?

Thanks for reading and keep making flashes !! Also veery thanks for using my song !! It was cool and unexpected !!

Bigfoot3290 responds:

In my opinion, I think you have the best remix of the underworld on Newgrounds. The only reason I cut it short was because I didn't want the sound fx you put in there - they'd interfere with the skit.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, especially since I used your song. I hope your tracks get some extra hits from this movie :] Thanks for the excellent review.

Hey nice one !!!

... Thank you very much for using my new song !! i cannot believe that it hapenned so quickly !! Great job on this collab ! A bit too fast but very funny ! I think I 've listened to a song by Slipknot in this collab. Am I wrong ? Well anyway, swell job, men ! And thanks for you, Mp3-Lock !! Cheers to you, my friend !! :)

Positive points :
- good lock collab !!
- SSBM theme !!! Already used !!
- funny situations !!

Negative points :
- I wish I could listen to my whole song in your movie... :( nah it doesn't matter. ;)

Aaaah ! Damn you !!

... why didn't you conclude this awesome fight ??? I wanna know the winner, damnit !!! Will Mario destroy the world ? Or will Luigi beat the shit out of his brother ??? My advice for your next flash : Put the "CHOOSE YOUR WINNER" option at the end of your flash ! That would be awesome, please ! Besides, the graphics are VEEERY impressive. This is the fastest and most brutal fight scene I have ever seen. Also cool sound track !! And nice sound effects ! Those punching noises are very catching. And the fight situations are epic... hmmm... overal is almost perfect. "CHOOSE YOUR WINNER" option is missing.

Positive points :
- excellent graphics
- cool sound track
- a very epic fight

Negative points :
- To be concluded ! AGAIN !


P.S. : Please. You really need to put that "CHOOSE YOUR WINNER" option at the end of the next episode. It would be perfect like this. Please answer to my review to give me your thought about this. Thank you for reading, man !

D-SuN responds:

Hey man! im glad you enjoyed the flash and dojnt worry, the part 4 is comming soon. Sorreh but i cant agree with the choose your winner thing. The movie is to epic and adding that feture would disturbe the mood of the series greatly. Its kinda like watching Star Wars and at the end haveing a Choose your winner thing. Just dosent fit XD but i can however have an alternent ending in the bonus but i dont think i will. sorreh but yea! thanks

Anti cigarets ?

...Fine then ! Now, let me explain one thing : I never smoked any cigaret in my life even if they told me to do so, you got that ? That's why I've enjoyed this movie ! Actually, people smoke just because they think they are superior... or just because it doesn't matter if they snort some oil ! Now, let's talk about the general quality... not bad at all but some times, I couldn't understand what the cigaretman was saying... well anyway... the humor is quite violent and cool ! Great job, here !

Positive points :
- anti-cigaret movie !
- the humor !
- Cigarets are for fags ( Hopefully, I've never smoked so I'm not a fag ! )

Negative points :
- maybe you should have added subtitles...

JunkYardAnimations responds:

Cigarette and Smoking and Health Awareness <3


... That's what I have to say first. Well...now.... let's talk about the movie. First of all, quite long... and funny... the lame sound effects are funny. And the bloopers are not original but cool. I've personaly never played "Halo" game but I enjoyed this flash. But sometimes, the sound and the frame doesn't seem to fit. Well ... that's all for today !

Positive points :
- wooden sticks are better ?
- will you die please ( boum slash crac.................aaaaah ! ) ?
- (end ) the new weapon ... to comit suicide !

Negative points :
- one or two bugs

P.S. : Was that your voice ? Are you really 13 years old ?

stickfighter33 responds:

ok thanks for your review, i dont know why the hell did the sound went that crappy out of sync if in my compputer it plays well, and second, yup thats my voice, the big one, and the cornholio one xP

Not bad actually !

...that was quite fun ! But I high doubt the whales can give us cancer in reality ! Whatever... not bad but you really need to improve the sound...it doesn't sound right...the graphics are better compared to the other episodes... where did you find those informations ?

Positive points :
- better graphics
- mathematic coincidence ?
- the Tshirt ?

Negative points :
- too short
- the sound is a bit crappy
- We are all waiting for the third Power Star movie.

Thanks for reading !


((way too short))

....that's what I was thinking after watching your movie. And you know that it's too bad for a Mario parody that starts very properly. I was expecting you to put more than 1 scene in this flash. Too bad, man, too bad. I'm a huge fan of Mario bloopers but you didn't spend enough time in it. The graphics are well done thought. But...really...I'm disapointed

Positive points:
- the graphics

Negative points:
- only 1 scene

hehehe ! ^^

...randomness, randomness, randomness...that's what I said when I was watching your movie ! However, great job on the graphics, the sound and anything else ! I also liked the odd bugs, the blood and that stupid skeleton jerking off at the end of the movie !

Positive points :
- randomness
- randomness
- lol rofl lmao ... randomness

Negative points :
- dangerous for smart guys...


... Doh !

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